Piotr Gibas

Associate Professor of Chinese

Address: JC Long 328
Office Hours: MWF 11:00-12:00
E-mail: gibaspp@cofc.edu
Curriculum Vitae: Download


PhD,University of California - Berkeley, in Chinese Language, 2009. Dissertation: “Waiting for the Unicorn: Perception of Time and History in Early Chinese Writings.”


Research Interests

Piotr specializes in Chinese literature and thought with a focus on historiography. His research includes disciplines of literature, religion, history, visual arts, philosophy, archaeology, language, and anthropology. Most recently, Piotr has been focusing on Chinese food history and writing  his book, “To Eat the Inedible: History of Food in China.”

Courses Taught

Piotr teaches courses in Asian Studies, Chinese language, food culture, and literature, and leads study abroad in China and Southeast Asia.


Some Courses:

CHST 240 “Chinese Food, Culture, and Literature.”

ASST 240 “Food, Faith, and Travel in Asia.”


Oh, Jerry! Part 1 – Chinese Course for Beginners. Learn Chinese - Enjoy the Story. Skapago Publishing, 2021 https://www.skapago.eu/jerry/

“History as Future—Time, Prediction, and Historical Narrative in the Zuo zhuan 左傳.” Early China 41, 2018.

“Mozi and the Ghosts: The Concept of Ming 明 in Mozi’s “Ming gui” 《明鬼》.” Early China 40, 2017.

“Traumatic Terroir: Food, Memory, and the Cultural Revolution in Hunan, China.” Global Food History, vol. 3, no.1, Spring 2017.


Coming soon:

“To Eat or Not to Eat? The Curious Affair of Christian Missionaries with Chinese Food.” Preparing for publication with Global Food History, 2022.

To Eat the Inedible—History of Food in China. Reaktion Books Ltd. 2022.