Noelle Yamaji

Adjunct, Japanese

Address: JC Long 326
Office Hours: Tuesdays 11:30-12:20
Phone: 843.953.3194

Ms. Yamaji is an adjunct Instructor in the Japanese department; she assists Chikuma sensei and Yanagida sensei with the 4th hour Japanese language courses.  She is a 3rd generation Japanese-American who studied in Japan as an undergraduate student.  Ms. Yamaji also lived in Japan and worked teaching English in junior high schools on the JET Program (sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Education).  She studied Japanese classical dancing as a child and currently study taiko, Japanese drumming.


Northern Illinois University - Major:International Relations, Minor:Japanese & Economics

Courses Taught

Noelle teaches the 4th hour for all sections of Japanese 101 and Japanese 201