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Minor in Asian Studies

The Asian Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program intended to introduce students to the diverse cultures and regions of Asia through the study of history, politics, languages and literature, visual arts, religion, and economics.

The Asian Languages and Asian Studies programs strive to provide students with a broad range of courses, study abroad programs, and extra-curricular opportunities to develop linguistic proficiency and cultural literacy in Arabic and Arab Studies, Chinese and Chinese Studies, Hindi, and Japanese and Japanese Studies. Our mission is to prepare students for success in their professions and for life-long engagement with the study of language, literature, media and culture.

Minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic World Studies

The Middle East has been, is still, and will be playing a significant role in the geopolitical and economic developments of the world. The minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic World Studies is a multidisciplinary course of study that combines the Arabic and Hebrew languages, with courses related to Middle Eastern and Islamic World civilizations, cultures, history, politics and religion. The program is designed to equip the students with the language skills, and introduce them to the cultures and historical backgrounds needed to understand and interact with citizens of the Middle Eastern countries both in the international community and at home.